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Tuesday night Newburg Dart League Rules



  1. All dart players must be of legal drinking age.  If anyone is caught shooting that is under 21, his or her games will be forfeited.  Sponsors are responsible for checking ID’s for their team.


  1. There will be 4 regular players.  Please fill out your rosters with your given names!  If you wish to use a nickname on your weekly sheets, please make sure it is listed in parentheses ( ) next to your name on the roster.


  1. Players can shoot for one team only.  Bar owners and bar managers are able to shoot for multiple teams from their own bars.


  1. If a player is dropped from a team for any reason, the player may not shoot for another team in that season.  The player may however be picked up by their original team, unless it is for league rule violations.


  1. There will be no harassment of team members by the opposing team.  The secretary or president must be called immediately if this occurs, otherwise it will not be addressed at a later time.


  1. President – Rich :  262-689-8990, email:

Secretary – Paul Voight:  414-759-9983, email:


  1. Starting time thereafter will be 7:15 pm with an automatic grace period of 15 minutes.  The opposing team will only agree upon any later start times.  If you will be arriving after 7:30, please call the bar you are shooting to notify them.


  1. Any team starting the night with 20 or more games ahead of the other team must master out.  To master out, you must go out with a double, triple or bulls-eye.  If the team that is mastering out ends up with one, the other team must win the game legally.


  1. Darts that hit the board and do not register or darts shot before the signal is ready are considered darts shot and may not be shot over.  You may also pass on one or all three darts.


  1. The shooter is responsible for throwing darts in their correct position.


  1. Any darts that are pulled out of the board too late, the board should go around to the person in line to shoot all three of their darts.


  1. Going out before your partner’s score is lower than the opponents combined score will result in the loss of the game.



  1. If a tie occurs, the opposing team can go out. 

(Example: P1=12, P2=19, P3=7, P4=13) Player 4 can go out!

  1. Tons are considered tons and hat tricks are considered hat tricks. 



  1. Fees for shooting each week will be $3.00.  $0.50 of the fee will go towards the awards party for refreshments and food.


  1. Money and score sheets must be turned in to the Fire Escape or Dawg House by 6:00 pm the next day.  If weather is a problem, please notify the president or secretary if you are unable to drop it off.  Otherwise, fines will be imposed if money and sheets are late.


  1. Games that need to be made up due to bad weather should try to be made up prior to the following week.  In the event that can not be done, your scores will be listed ad 6-6 for the week missed and you will be allowed 1 more week to make up the missed games.  If that cannot be done, your score for the week will remain 6-6.  Teams are responsible for contacting the opposing team for cancelling due to bad weather.  Please notify the president or secretary if this happens.


  1. Sponsor fees will be $30.00 per team.  Sponsor fees are due no later than end of the second week.


  1. Rosters need to be turned in at the end of the 4th week.  After the end of the first half there will be no roster changes allowed, this includes any addition of players!  Anyone who is listed on the permanent list must have shot at least 3 times.  There is no need for advance notice for player changes, but the captains must record changes on the score sheets the night that the new player was added (the players can be either male or female).  Please specify so that the individual standings are entered correctly.  If you fail to do so, the player will not be recognized for the second half.  If someone shoots and is not on the roster, all of his or her games will be forfeited.


  1. Any dartboards continuously not in working order will result in fines for the sponsor.  Not in working order would include, dart tips, lights out, the board not keeping proper score, etc.  If the board is not fixed by the following week, the sponsor will continue to be fined until the problem has been corrected.  If the problem is such that it cannot be corrected the night of league, play can be stopped and a make-up date scheduled if both teams agree.  If the teams cannot come to an agreement on this, the president or secretary must be contacted to decide what will be done.


  1. Sponsors and captains, check the length of your shooting lines.  The line must be 8 ft. plus the depth of the board.


  1. Any captain or representative that does not show up for a captains meeting will also be fined.


  1. Any fines given will be shown on the standings sheet.  Any fines acquired, will be taken out of the team’s prize money that is received at the darts banquet.


  1. All expenses and bank statements will be available for any team member to review at the end of the year.  There will be 100% payback after all fees and materials are paid.


  1. Winnings will be paid at the awards banquet.


  1. Fines will be imposed on the following:


1.   Late score sheets and money – unless weather permits                    $5.00

2.      Boards not in continuous working order                                          $20.00

3.  Captain or representative of team not attending meetings                   $10.00


  1. 35 – point blind can be used in the event that only 3 shooters are present.


  1. There will be no forfeiting the last 3 weeks of the season.  If a team forfeits, that team will lose half of their winnings.


  1. The secretary’s fees will be the league sponsor fees.


  1. All teams will pay the amount the dartboard is set at (not to exceed $0.50), if the price of the board increases after the first half of the league year, it is the sponsor’s responsibility to pay the increase.


  1. If for any reason teams cannot shoot at the scheduled time, both teams have 2 weeks to make up the game at an agreed upon date/time and location.  If teams cannot come to an agreement, please contact the president or secretary immediately.


  1. Please remember, this is a fun league!


  1. Awards are as follows:


1st, 2nd & 3rd Places